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Mark McRae is a composer, PRODUCER, mIXER, Instrumentalist and sound designer WITH A PLETHORA OF commercially released projects to his credit.

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An art school graduate, Mark McRae’s illustrious career began as a session and performing musician in various major record label projects which included bands, Rub Ultra (Island Records) Honeycrack (Sony Music), Rehab (ZTT/Warner Bros) and Lovefield (Polydor). During this period McRae found himself working side by side with a plethora of the most talented producers, mixers and engineers. These included Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, The 

Pixies), Tim Palmer (David Bowie, Pearl Jam, Ozzy Osbourne), Adrian Bushby (Muse, Foo Fighters, Placebo), Trevor Horn (Seal, Robbie Williams, Pet Shop Boys), Barry Clempson

(The Verve) and Al Clay (Frank Black, Hans Zimmer). McRae

is more recently know for his collaborations with Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Sting), Malcolm Burn (Patti Smith, Bob Dylan) and Hans Joern Brandenburg (Tom waits, Lou Reed).


These experiences were vital

in creating the accomplished composer/producer McRae is today. As he himself admits, ‘Working with those guys was an education in itself. I can honestly say I was first in and last out of all those sessions.

I was transfixed by the potential of the recording process especially as digital technology has completely transformed

the face of musical creativity as we know it. Those experiences armed me with the tools I required to push my career

onto the next level.’


Later, McRae’ s composition and sound design talents were embraced and to this day he has worked with an impressive array of International Corporations and Companies that include BBC, ITV, Ch4 and SkyTV. His music has been recognised in several award wins, nominations and critical acclaim. 


McRae is a major contributor

to the unique audio visual

arts collective ‘The Light Surgeons’ whose 'LIVE film'

TRUE FICTIONS, commissioned

by the New York based Jaffe Fund for Experimental Media

and Performing Arts (EMPAC) performed the production as far afield as New York, Manchester, Milan, Seville, London, Brighton, Belfast, Hong Kong and Poland.

Comments & Recommendations

Mark McRae is an amazing artist, musician and composer, passionate and intuitive about his work but always mindful of the brief. He has contributed some outstanding work to my company ‘The Light surgeons’ over the past few years and has been an absolute pleasure to work with. From the arts based to the commercial he is a huge asset to any production.’

Chris Allen (Founder of ‘The Light Surgeons’) 


All tracks mastered by Rino Marchese. Night Tracks 1 and 5 and Day Tracks 1,5,10 and 12 mixed by Rino Marchese and Mark McRae. 


Night track 3 CREATED in collaboration with JIMMY BARTOLO AND Martin McNeil. Day track 8 in collaboration with Chris Allen and Tim Cowie of The Light Surgeons.



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